Our Services Our Services Include: Attend doctor appointments and help understand medical test results. Explain medical terms and conditions. Research treatment options. Work to develop good questions regarding medical conditions and treatment options. Coordinate care with entire healthcare team. Individual medication review. Issue specific healthcare education. Step in when family members are unable to be with loved ones due to distance or other family and professional obligations. Create a healthcare summary/history for current providers or for second opinions. Protect and advocate right to proper care. Family Mediation. Research and locate community health resources. Locate the best possible specialists and hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, and other healthcare facilities. Ensure and coordinate a smooth hospital to home transition. Regular check-ins to monitor health status. Report to family on doctor visits and patient health status. Research and find the most suitable independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility. Schedule appointments and transportation. What we do not do: Practice medicine, make diagnoses, offer second opinions, or prescribe treatments or medications. Direct, hands-on, medical care of any type. Make decisions for our clients.
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