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Frequently Asked Questions Does Prairie Healthcare Advocacy, Inc. provide the same services as a doctor, urgent care center, or home care agency? No. We do not provide direct medical care and are not a substitute for your own physician or medical provider. We serve as a patient educator and liaison to allow you to make well informed decisions regarding your healthcare. Does Prairie Healthcare Advocacy, Inc. make decisions regarding my care or the care of a family member? No, you or your legal guardian make all decisions regarding your health care. We work in partnership with you to be your “eyes and ears”, conduct appropriate research, when needed, and provide information so you can make an informed decision regarding all aspects of your medical care. Does Prairie Healthcare Advocacy, Inc. work only with specific age groups? No. We do not look, specifically, at age – we advocate for newborns to senior citizens. The main determinate of need for our patient care services is the inability of an individual to successfully navigate a healthcare situation on their own. If the person requesting services is a minor or has diminished mental capacity, we work directly with the parent/legal guardian. What makes you different than an advocate offered by the hospital or the insurance company? As an independent healthcare advocate, we work for our client, and our client’s best interests. We are not limited by what works best for the hospital or the insurance company. We have no conflict of interest. Can I engage you on behalf of my friend or relative? Certainly. We often advise, help, and advocate for patients and/or elderly people whose loved ones live far away or are otherwise prevented from taking care of their relative or friend in person. What can you do for elderly parent care? We can make regular visits to their residence to determine their well-being. We can help find the appropriate independent living, assisted living, or skilled care services when needed. We will communicate with you and keep you informed. Will my health insurance cover the fees for Prairie Healthcare Advocacy, Inc? No, at the present time. Health insurance plans and Medicare do not normally reimburse advocacy services. Is my information kept private? Yes, Prairie Healthcare Advocacy, Inc maintains compliance with all government privacy standards. We will not share your confidential medical information with anyone except those you designate. What other questions do you have? Please give us a call to discuss your particular situation in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, or Nebraska.