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I attended the University of Iowa and earned my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN). I have worked as a nurse in both hospitals and nursing homes. I even taught health occupations in a vocational program. Most of my career has been in the pharmaceutical industry. My time in pharmaceuticals allowed me to have extensive training in many, many disease states. I was even a Neurology Specialist which gave me a better understanding of Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and a number of other neurological diseases. While in pharmaceuticals, I saw healthcare from many different perspectives. Through all of this, with nursing and my pharmaceutical experience, I naturally became a healthcare advocate for family and friends, starting 35 years ago with my grandmother. As a 51 year survivor of Type 1 Diabetes, I am extremely well versed in in issues revolving around diabetes and the complications related to it. Healthcare, today is very complicated. I enjoy being by someone’s side making sure they get the best care possible and I am diligent in making sure that all possible avenues are pursued. I am a proud member of The Alliance of Professional Healthcare Advocates, and The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. I am a volunteer with The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and on the board of directors as the advocacy chair. I represent the South Dakota JDRF with our U.S. senators and our U.S. House representative. I also a board member of the Coalition on Aging, in Sioux Falls, SD.
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